Especially important when preparing for any project is considering what equipment will be required. Sometimes it can be an overwhelming task to pull in all the necessary pieces to make your project run smoothly.

That's where we come in. Let us take the gear headache off your mind. With our in-house inventory and network of equipment providers we can furnish  equipment for productions of any scale.




There are a variety of cameras to choose from when shooting your project, whether that be still photography or video. Certain models are a better fit in one situation than another. Your needs dictate the choice and that is why we are camera agnostic. Depending upon the needs of your production we will match you with the best solution to get the job done right.

Cameras Available:

ARRI Alexa, ARRI Alexa Mini, ARRI Amira, RED Dragon, RED Scarlet, SONY F55, SONY FS7, CANON C300mkii, CANON C100, CANON 1DXmkii, CANON 5DS, FUJI GFX 50S, HASSELBLAD H5D-40

When going for a specific look for your project choosing the lenses is often the next step after the camera. However this choice can have more of an impact on the final image. From vintage t‍‍‍o modern, primes and zooms, we have the glass for your production.

Lenses Available:

Bausch & Lomb Baltars (25, 30, 35, 40, 50, 75, 100, 152), Canon FD 400mm f2.8L, Canon EF Zooms, Kilfitt 90mm Macro, Mamiya 645 Primes with Tilt-Shift Adapter, Zeiss Compact Primes, Schneider Xenon Primes, Canon CN-E Primes, Cooke Zooms, Angenieux Zooms.


Depending upon the needs of a production the support equipment can range from a tripod to a 30' jib. It is a broad category encompassing a variety of gear. Check out our inventory or contact us so we can get you what you need.

Equipment Available:

Tripods and fluid heads, wireless and manual follow focus, handgrips, mattebox with filters, slider, Dana Dolly, Steadicam, Movi Pro, doorway dolly, jib, production monitors (5", 7", 17"), Teradek wireless video, ‍‍equipment carts.

Let us get you what you need.